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 The company is to issue "Let customer satisfaction" purpose, ensure to provide users with high-quality products, and commitment to the following terms of service:

First, the strict implementation of national product "three packets (repair, replacement, Bao Tui)" provisions, from product delivery date, the implementation of "three", five year warranty, life-long maintenance quality after sale service.

Two, from the product delivery date, Xing Tian furniture quality problems arise related products in the "three packs of" period, the company will actively provide high quality after sale service, in order to maximize the maintenance of consumer rights and interests of consumers, please consumers must be kept damage parts as proof, otherwise it will charge. "Outside the three package" period, the company paid to provide quality services, spare parts and other materials costs borne by the customer.

Three, the company will not regularly visit the consumer, understand, check the performance, product in use quality condition, such as the discovery of the problem will be timely help processing, maintenance.

Four, if consumers have the adjustment of furniture or disassembly needs, the company will provide guidance related disassembly and assembly service.

Five, in the use process, the emergence of quality problems, upon receiving the user notification timely reply or send technical service personnel in place, to help users deal with quality fault. If the special problem, cannot be solved in a short time, the company also will be in 36 hours to make reasonable explanation and clear solution time and solution.

Users have questions about product operations or quality, with the company telephone contact, are solved by coordinate company customer service and technical service personnel.

Sincerely welcome the broad masses of customers of our products quality put forward valuable suggestions for improvement.


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